Pitcher Plant (assorted)
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Pitcher Plant (assorted)

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Pitcher plants are any carnivorous plant with tubule-shaped leaves that create a passive pitfall trap for insects. They may have the appearance of a rare, exotic plant, but they are actually native to some parts of the US! Pitcher plants can help attract insects like fungus gnats, but they don't even need bugs to live! They may grow a little slower, but as long as you give them the right conditions, they will thrive. Carnivorous plants are such a fun addition to any collection!

To keep this plant happy it needs well-draining soil. Add peat moss to your soil mix to help it retain more moisture. You want this plant to be consistently moist, so water every other day. The best temperature for pitcher plants is over 60 F, and they love humidity. As your pitchers mature, fill them with water. That will help create the sugary substance that attracts the insects.