African Violet Assorted Varieties

African Violet Assorted Varieties

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Please note, we do not ship houseplants that are in pots larger than 6-inches. If you are interested in a larger sized plant, please contact us for other purchasing options.

We do not ship plants to the following states due to USDA regulations: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii.

Named varieties, these African violets are potted in 50% African violet soil/50% perlite and we suggest that mix for future repotting.  It has been bottom watered but you can also wick water.  It should be kept lightly moist but not wet.  Although they like humid air, violets hate wet feet!  Having a lot of perlite is essential.  

Avoid getting cold water on leaves but warm/tepid water is fine (keep out of sun until dry so it doesn't sunburn).

Violets like bright indirect light; if you pass your hand over it  & see a shadow, the light is too bright.  Gradually introduce your violet to its new light conditions to prevent sunburn.  

You can repot your violet into a slightly larger pot but they do best and flower more when root bound.  The suggested ratio is that the plant is 3x as wide as the pot.  There are many great online resources for caring for your violet, including fertilizing.  

Your plant might be a registered variety (has an AVSA number); that variety has been shown to breed true and the flowers should be similar to other plants.  If your plant has not been registered yet (it might be a named variety but the hybridizer still has to test whether it can breed true), there can be more variety in the flowers individual plants produce.