Single Monterey Bonsai

Single Monterey Bonsai

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Carefully preserved juniper and grape wood are used to create these beautiful and very realistic faux bonsai. Each live juniper is manicured to maturity and then preserved without harsh chemicals. It takes real artisan hand work to create the perfect bonsai canopies.

Don't be fooled by imported silk bonsai and plastic bonsai trees that can not compare to the wonderful beauty of our natural plant materials.

Natural grape wood is used to form the special trunks. The naturally grown wood gives the forms and shapes to each preserved bonsai tree. The Monterey Bonsai appears to have taken many years of attentive nurturing and manicuring.

Each Monterey Bonsai will be slightly unique in actual design, shape, and colors because no two pieces of wood or preserved juniper canopy are ever exactly the same.

The Single Monterey Bonsai measures 12"-14" tall and 12"-14" wide. The black ceramic pot is 8" in diameter and 2" tall. Ground cover is real gravel and mood moss. All components are permanently mounted in the ceramic planter.