27g Knife Olivewood / Fish
27g Knife Olivewood / Fish
27g Knife Olivewood / Fish

27g Knife Olivewood / Fish

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A Deejo that fits in your pocket like a fish in water... Take it with you everywhere to enjoy a perfect cut for any occasion.

Ultra-light knife in Z40C13 stainless steel, black titanium finish. Blade with secure liner lock system decorated with fine laser engraving. Belt clip. Olive wood handle.


Material: Z40C13
Weight: 27 grams (0.95 oz)
Closed length : 9 cm (3.54”)
Open length : 17 cm (6.69”)
Blade length : 8 cm (3.15”)
Thickness : 0,9 cm (0.35”)


The olive wood that adorns the handle of this Deejo knife is known for its robustness and antibacterial qualities. It is a great classic of cutlery. Widely acclaimed by enthusiasts for the beauty of its natural grain, each piece is unique depending on the tree from which it is fashioned, illuminating your Deejo with superb arabesques of beige, without fear of humidity or time.

Obtained by fixing black titanium onto a stainless steel base, this finish has a double advantage. First, it reinforces surface resistance to shocks and scratches, and second, it renders sublime the elegant lines of your knife by offering subtle matte black reflections. A discreet finish par excellence, the steel acquires a slight patina over the years to further enhance this beautiful piece of cutlery.

SPECIFIC PRECAUTIONS FOR CLEANING: hand-wash your Deejo knife using a damp sponge, avoiding the abrasive side of the sponge. These Deejo knives are not dishwasher safe so risk irreparably damaging the knife’s articulating system.